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Graphic Design - Marshmallow Marketing, Preston, Lancashire

Graphic Design

Creating high-quality content can take up a huge amount of time, time that could be better utilised doing what you do best!

Let Marshmallow take over with high-quality custom branded content that you can use throughout your social media platforms.

Give your brand that something extra today.

Social Media Marketing - Marshmallow Marketing, Preston, Lancashire

Social Media

Many of your customers are using Facebook, Twitter & LinkedIn every day, so why not join them?

We make sure your profiles are complete, look professional and they reflect your companies’ proposition.

We engage and respond to your customers in the right way to maximise awareness amongst your target market.

Professional Printing Service - Marshmallow Marketing, Preston, Lancashire


When it comes to your business brand, you’ll want a professional suite that sets you apart from the rest. Nothing shows you mean business more than a completely custom stationery set that encapsulates your brand.

Whether you choose a tactile texture or add a fancy finish, there are infinite ways to make yours stand out.

Branding Service - Marshmallow Marketing, Preston, Lancashire


Your brand is fundamental to your marketing strategy. A strong brand stands out in a sea of competitors.

Branding is a marketing trick your business can’t afford to miss out on. Increasing your customer reach with every single sale.

People fall in love with brands, trust them, and believe in their promise.

Planning Marketing Campaigns With Marshmallow - Marshmallow Marketing, Preston, Lancashire


Marshmallow makes selling become easier.

Assigning scores to your leads based on set criteria will help you pick the most promising prospects, determine which ones need nurturing, and get your sales team more deals in record time.

Marketing Support chat - Marshmallow Marketing, Preston, Lancashire

Mallow Chat

Whether you want advice on website conversion methods, social media planning or simply want to upskill your digital ability, we are when you need us.

If you choose Marshmallow to implement anything in our session, we’ll subtract this from the cost of any work we carry out.

Boots your SEO - Marshmallow Marketing, Preston, Lancashire

SEO & Online Visibility

Request your free SEO audit today & start to get your strategy back on track.

In this, we will identify exactly what needs doing to improve your search visibility, increase traffic and of course make more sales!

Website Hosting - Marshmallow Host, Preston, Lancashire

Powerful Web Hosting

The internet never stands still, and that includes your website. Technologies change, your business will change, and your site will need to be hosted and maintained to reflect that.

Lancashire Based

Marketing, Website Design and Creative Content Agency.
Marshmallow Marketing, Preston, Lancashire.

Today, your story can make it all the way around the world, without anyone ever knowing it was yours. Your logo, colours and your font are a well-lit pathway back to you. We will make you stand out from the crowd, telling your story the way it was intended.

Here at Marshmallow, we believe in beautiful marketing.

Marshmallow Man Icon - Contact The Team Today

Digital Marketing is constantly evolving.
Have you been left behind?

Marketing Solutions

Our Services

Need some marketing support, or maybe its a website. We’re here to help. Find out more below…

Creative Design

Creative and innovative design services to suit your needs, we create beautiful designs that truly reflects your business. Our creative services include Graphic Design, Branding, offline print design and so much more.
Learn More

We always start by helping you clarify your objectives and ideas, usually over a coffee. We will discuss what you want, then create and deliver powerful designs that communicate and inspire.

More Information

Website Design

We are a Web Design agency based in Preston, turning your ideas into a reality. We work with you to ensure that the new website is something you can be proud to call your own. Your website has got to look great, show off your brand and capture your visitors’ attention! Contact the team today.
Learn More

We take the time to learn about your industry and business to develop a website that you will love. Your new website will help attract new visitors and convert them. We deploy a range of elements, to help you stand out in the crowd. Starting from £250, contact the team for more details.

Find out more

Digital Marketing

Getting yourself heard in a digital marketing world can be tricky. Having a local digital marketing partner that knows how to develop a digital strategy that performs is vital for the growth of your businesses online presence.

Learn More

We make it easy to connect with users on every platform, so you don’t have to.

Many of your clients and customers are going to be using Facebook, Twitter & LinkedIn every day, so why not join them? We ensure your social profiles are complete, professional and reflect your brands’ ethos.

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A strong brand and hard-working website are the foundations of a healthy business pipeline, but to get the best they need to be backed up by a considered marketing strategy.

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We develop a winning strategy to get your brand heard online, no matter the platform or device. Our work is original, memorable and shareable. Quantity is paramount, but not at the expense of quality. Contact the team and let’s see how we can help your business.

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Full Service Marketing

Does your business need something more than just ad-hoc marketing?

Here at Marshmallow Marketing, we have got you covered! Our full-service managed marketing solution means we run your marketing for you. We work with you to learn about your brand to develop a fully tailored solution, perfectly matched for your business. With Marshmallow on board, you can focus on what matters to you, instead of what your next Facebook status is.

Learn More

Marshmallow knows that time is money and creating the right content is often a stressful and time-consuming task for someone without experience. Instructing an experienced copy-writing team frees you up to do what you do best. We can help businesses in all sectors to gain an edge over any competition. We achieve this by crafting the right words, engaging more people and persuading them why they should choose you.

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Digital Marketing Preston

Marketing Solutions that Scale


We have a solution for your business no matter the size, from Website Design to Branding, Print Design and more, here at Marshmallow we have your business covered. 

How you choose to market it is critical to its success, however big or small. If you’re not sure where to start, give us or a call or get in touch here.

Branding, Website Design, Social Media | New Business Marketing Solutions | Marshmallow Marketing

New Business

Small Business

Small Business

Large Business

Large Business


Enterprise Solutions

Get to know us

The Marshmallow team

We are a small but perfectly formed creative team, everything we do is made by us. We make digital, print and creative marketing campaigns that tie together and give awesome results to our clients.

Based in Preston, we are a friendly marketing team working with a number of clients across Preston, Blackpool, Lancashire, Skelmersdale, Manchester, Yorkshire and more of Northern England.

Our talented team of marketing professionals includes specialists in a number of fields and together we deliver tailored, creative marketing solutions for our clients.

We all work to the same end goal – our clients’ success.

Contact the team today on 01772 925 255 or send us a message here and we will get back to you.

Marshmallow Marketing How Coronavirus can positively impact your business

Check Out What People Are Saying

We have had a busy two years, and it should come as no surprise that we have made an impressive impact on a number of our clients’ businesses. Each and every one of our clients has their own unique goals, objectives and challenges and we understand there isn’t a ‘One size fits all’ approach when it comes to marketing. With this in mind, we always personalise and tailor our solution to meet the needs of your business. This is why our clients find their success with our marketing services, but don’t just take our word for it, see what our clients have got to say about us.

I have referred many of my clients who need social media advice to Marshmallow and the feedback I always get is that Liam and his team give first class service and are a pleasure to deal with.

Jim Baker

Managing Director at Maximum Opportunities

When we needed a brochure for our firm, Marshmallow were commissioned to undertake the design and print, we were very happy with the result, this has really helped us to raise our profile. 

Gill Hargreaves

Partner of Roby Brimley Accountants

I would have no hesitation in recommending Marshmallow for the excellent job done when we needed printing plus the design of a new brochure for our 25 years celebration.

Always happy to recommend.

Ian Williamson

Partner of Campbell Crossley and Davis

Your Digital Marketing Is About To Get A Serious Lift

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Email Marketing

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