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How Coronavirus can (positively) impact your business

We are currently living in the midst of a global pandemic. Coronavirus has affected almost everyone somehow and businesses are all facing challenges.

The economic impact of COVID-19 is starting to be felt across all sectors. Luckily, almost everyone has access to technology and people are spending more time online.

So how can this positively impact your business? Even though we cannot be certain of how customers will behave, it is predictable that there is going to be an increase of online services, social media activity and e-commerce, which can be valuable to your business.

Increase of online services

According to a survey of more than 2,200 marketers conducted by Econsultancy and Marketing Week, 91% of UK marketers expect a rise in the use of online services.

As per the new restrictions, people must limit all unnecessary outings, which means they will be spending more time online and will therefore use more online services. This can be advantageous for your business in many ways, since it allows you to deliver and promote your services faster, cheaper and to a larger audience.

This is also a good opportunity for you to build brand awareness and get more visibility. More and more people will be searching for online services, making this a great time to attract more visitors to your website and find potential customers, which ultimately means more sales!

Increase in social media activity

77% of UK marketers also predict an increase in social media activity. Since most people are now isolating, it is likely that they are going to spend more time on their social media and, consequently, the spend across social platforms will increase – it is predicted that social media spending will grow 22%.

People are constantly looking for engaging content in social media, so this is a great time to update your social media platforms, create content and post regularly. It is also a good idea to start conversations on social media with existing and potential customers, as they will be more active on these platforms.

However, people do not want to be bombarded with products and advertising, so it is important to listen to what your clients want and need, while making a positive contribution to their current situation.

This is also an opportunity to ask clients for feedback and reviews, as they will be more available to do so. Sharing stories of happy customers and positive stories about your business is also a great idea.

Just remember, people will be on social media looking for content to entertain them, so make sure you use this opportunity to promote your business!

Increase in e-commerce

70% of UK marketers predict that there will be an increase in the use of e-commerce, according to the Econsultancy and Marketing Week survey. As people can only leave their houses when it is “absolutely necessary”, it is expected that they will do most of their shopping online.

People will be searching for the product that you offer so this is an opportunity to drive more visitors to your website and increase sales. You need to make sure your business is easy to find and understand in every stage of the purchasing cycle.

Make sure your website and social media platforms are up to date, update them regularly, post content that is relevant to your customers and that they can share on their own social media.

People are turning to e-commerce to buy products they would normally buy in physical stores, so it is a good idea to promote your products and services and to start campaigns.

You have the advantage of knowing people will be looking for your business so make sure you make the most of it, by making it easy to find you and purchase your products and keep updating your website and social media platforms, so that you always have content that is interesting to visitors and that they can share with other people!

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