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Social Media

Here at Marshmallow marketing, we deliver flexible social media support that listens to your customer and gets your message across.

Marshmallow combine your personality and our expertise to generate results!

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Social Media Management That Drives Engagement

A social media strategy is more than getting likes, views or shares, it’s all meaningless if no one is buying or signs-up.

Marshmallow’s social media optimisation gives your brand the care and attention it deserves, delivering not just great metrics but results too.

Increase your Brand Visibility

Marshmallow’s approach is audience-centric, which allows us to define your message for each platform. We engage with your audience around the clock, participating in online networking opportunities and guest blogging when appropriate.


Let’s Get Creative

Want us to manage your social media whilst you focus on business.

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With 1.66 billion active daily users, Facebook is the world’s largest social network. Never before have businesses been able to reach their customers so easily.

Google My Business (GMB)

Google My Business is the worlds most comprehensive business directory. Take advantage of a better presence in google search results and access to a wider customer base.


Twitter boasts 330 million active monthly users with 63% being between the age of 35 & 65. Take advantage of Twitters hive of social activity and grow your customer base.


60% of Instagram users say they have learned about a product or service on Instagram. Our paid Instagram ads can help you tap into that enormous market and drive sales.


LinkedIn has a huge audience that consists of decision-makers and industry-leaders, let them know about your business by posting company updates and infographics.


Over 5% of all referral traffic comes from Pinterest, and people use it just as much as Instagram. Find out how Pinterest can help your eCommerce business reach its next level.