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Graphic Design

Every campaign counts.  Marshmallow makes the most out of your campaigns with campaign management tools. Marshmallow Campaigns design, organize and execute your content conveniently—under one roof, ensuring that all the components of your marketing campaign are streamlined and well-orchestrated.

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Telling Your Story Through Awesome Content

Great storytelling goes further than just good PR. Marshmallow craft thought-provoking campaigns for various media, be that blogs, whitepapers, email campaigns, social media or print.

Complete Campaign Management and Lead Scoring

Let’s face it. When you are into sales, there is never enough time for you to follow-up with all the new leads, close all the open tasks and tickets and at the same time find new prospects.

Marshmallow makes selling become easier. Assigning scores to your leads based on set criteria will help you pick the most promising prospects, determine which ones need nurturing, and get your sales team more deals in record time.


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