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Graphic Design

From logo design to signage, posters and more, Marshmallow has the graphic design expertise your business needs.

Marshmallow’s graphic design services ensure your values are clear in every interaction you have with your customer. Maintain brand continuity while we work with you to create inspired designs for print, packaging and digital use. We can build on existing designs or bring your brand to life with a reinvention.

Graphic Design Lancashire

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Launching Brands Through Creative Graphic Design

You dream big, Marshmallow dream bigger!

We get creative by using your colours, font and personality to get your brand the recognition it deserves.

Our small but perfectly formed team of creatives have a proven track record in designing awesome work for packaging, e-mail campaigns, exhibitions, outdoor media, display advertising and point of sale. Whatever your choice, Marshmallow has the expertise to maximise impact through design knowledge and creative expertise.

Get Your Brand Noticed with Marshmallow

Our team of creative graphic designers and visual production experts work with various software, such as Illustrator, Photoshop, InDesign, and Dimensions, to produce beautiful artwork that makes your brand stand out.


Graphic Design Lancashire

Let’s Get Creative

If you have a great idea you want to bring to life.

Talk to the mallow squad and get the ball rolling, contact the team

Graphic Design Lancashire
Graphic Design Lancashire

Visual Identity Graphic Design

Communicate your brand’s intangible qualities through images, shapes, colour and font.

Visual identity graphic design is the creation of design elements that are suitable for all visual media types, as well as business cards and business stationery.

Set your brand apart from the rest with Marshmallow Graphic Design.

Marshmallow Marketing’s small but perfectly formed team of creatives, take your personality and our expertise to create eye-popping Graphic Design that gets people talking.

Marketing Graphic Design

Everything from postcards and flyers to signage and trade show displays, Marshmallow Marketing have got you covered.

Tap into your target audience’s decision-making process with great graphic design. Awesome marketing engages your customers on their needs, wants, awareness and purchase satisfaction. People will always find visual content more engaging and thus helps businesses communicate effectively.

Marshmallow becomes your in-house creative team by researching your industry, trends and competition to generate the right content every time.

Graphic Design Lancashire
Graphic Design Lancashire

User Interface Graphic Design

User interface graphic design (UI) is how a website visitor interacts with a device or application. UI graphic design is all about the customer journey and the full user-friendly experience.

Marshmallow Marketing focuses on the user’s visual experience through the interaction of graphic on-screen elements such as buttons, menu’s and micro-interactions, balancing aesthetics with technical functionality.