Why are some bloggers thriving more than others? What do them bloggers do differently? How can I grow like them?


The answer “Unicorn Content”


There are two different types of content “Unicorn” and “Donkey”.


Donkey content is spending the most amount of time on a post for the fraction of the engagement return.


Unicorn content gets attention and has the potential to go viral. Unicorn content ranks really high with Google and blows a fuse on key performance indicators.


Now, finding a unicorn can be a little tricky. If it was easy everyone would have their very own blessing of unicorns.


We have compiled our own method of catching your very own unicorn army.

Hunt for Unicorns hiding amongst popular Facebook Pages

Facebook stated in their first quarter IR report, they have 16 Million active local business pages and 2.2 Billion active monthly members. Facebook marketing has transformed how business is conducted, and its use by local businesses to extend their markets.

Facebook Pages were designed with business in mind. Providing a public storefront right there on Facebook. These pages allow for the publishing of content in return for engagement from fans and customers alike.

With all this at your fingertips, its time to start looking for unicorn content that is achieving the most interaction whether that be likes, comments, shares and views.

Facebook has an awesome save and bookmark feature, take advantage of this when preparing your hunt.

Unicorn Marketers use Social Media

Search for Unicorns lurking in the topmost performing Instagrams

Instagram gives you a great idea of what your audience values. Search for visualĀ unicorn content like lifestyle photos, products, celebrities and aesthetics. Instagram is an glittery reservoir of unicorn inspiration to get your creative juices flowing.


Stockpile the best industry blogs

Searching for a good blog to subscribe to can sometimes be a hassle, sometimes the best content belongs to the industry you’re already apart of.

Great blogs need to be informative, awesome blogs need to offer something a little more. for example, an awesome blog has a high percentage of informative and unique content, along with increased engagement and interaction.

Look at what is out there and create your version that’s more in-depth and creative.

Exploration of inspired unicorns

The internet is full of video content and with that, unicorns run free.

Awesome video content is brimming with resources and information.

Mine your content, find those unicorns, create something fabulous.

Unicorns have hobbies and interests too

There is a wealth of information prime for mining valuable data. Websites like; Medium, Mix, blogger and Reddit are awesome places to farm interest-based data.

Gain relevant ideas that resonate with your target audience, this is were your unicorn takes shape.

Unicorn tags

Hashtags are the way in which you can track a range of topics on social media platforms.

Trending hashtags allows you to see the most popular topics at any given time. allowing you to focus your content to real-time events.

There is a plethora of social media platforms offing a verity of ways to communicate messages. Twitter, for example, is a text-heavy channel whereas Instagram is image focussed.

Real Time event Hashtags