Ever wanted to search for similar images? Or simply want to know more information on the contents. There is a super quick and simple tool used for just that.

Photo search can be used for a multitude of searches, here are just some of its uses.

Learn More About An Object Within An Image

Remember that outfit that you just couldn’t fathom how to search using keyphrases. Utilising reverse image search you will be able to locate what the outfit is called and where you can purchase. Also through this, you are able to find similar outfits for that extra inspiration.

Search Visually Similar Images

Do you need a similar image, maybe the same but with a different style? Google will do just that, simply upload your image and discover content that is visually similar.

Google Search Visually Similar Images

The Original Source

Ever needed to credit the original content creator but had difficulty finding out who that might be? Reverse image lookup is the answer to your crediting nightmare.

Plagiarised Photos

Photo thieves think they are smart, but Google makes you smarter! Google reverse image lookup allows you to find out if there is someone using your content without express permission or even credit.


Don’t just use reverse image lookup to find people who are using your content without attributing credits, just ask them to mention you as the original author and link back to your page. Awesome for SEO!

Identify People, Products and Places

Want to know where a photo was taken? Want to know what products are being used? No problem just grab your handy image reverse tool and Google will help you to identify the image and the information it holds.

Root out Fake Accounts

Have you ever been online and found that someone is using your photos and content? Let Google help keep your reputation untarnished.