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Why you need Google My Business

Google My Business (GMB) is a easy-to-use tool allowing businesses to manage their online presence across Google, including Search and Maps. If you verify and edit your business information, you can help your customers find your business and tell them your story.

A GMB listing is ideal for any local business or service area business.  In fact, claiming your listing is probably one of the first things you should consider when setting up your marketing plan. Spending a little time in establishing your online presence can give you a running start in your digital efforts.

Better still, IT’S FREE!! And you get free exposure on Google Search results and Google Maps too.

Your GMB listing allows potential customers to see your business name, phone number, and address. They will also be able to access your business photos, read your online reviews as well as view opening hours and the ability to make an appointment. Everything is easily seen without the need for them having to search for your website directly. To get the most of your Google My Business profile, you will need to log in to your business dashboard regularly and create attention-grabbing posts.

Google offers many ways in which you can post and promote your brand. You can choose to post from the following types:

Updates |Offers | Products | Events 

Adding a clever call-to-action (CTA) gives you even more control over the user journey. Google offers you a variety of CTA options, you can choose from:

Order Online | Sign-up | Learn More |Call Now |Get Offer |Buy |Book

Google has a unique method of keeping content up to date, as they remove your post from view after 7 days. This means that you need to keep on top of your posting schedule, with fresh and compelling content to maximise your search visibility.

A collection of positive reviews and brand mentions goes along way in helping new customers trust your brand. If you haven’t got many reviews as yet, ask your existing customers, better yet, add a ‘ask for review’ button within your order communications and email footers.

A study by ‘Local Services Ads’ mentioned that local businesses receive 32% of clicks in SERP’s without a local ad, With this in mind, people that clicked on the local search did so due to review ratings, the number of reviews and the overall position in the results.

To maximise the chances of your business being discovered, you should aim to reach the first page and then the top positions in local search. As this will naturally increase traffic driven to your website. 

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How People Search for Your Business

Local businesses can use Google My Business to find out the types of search that potential customers are using to find your results listing.

1 – Direct Search

This means someone directly searched for your business name and or address

2 – Discovery Search

This type of search means someone searched for a category, service or product that you offer, and your listing appeared within the results.

Tracking your Numbers

The GMB dashboard allows you to track how your businesses is doing online with Google. It shows things like how many searches you have had or what terms are being used to find your brand. Your views are split into the following categories:

1 – Views on Search

Someone found your business through a Google search, including local results

2 – Views on Maps

Someone found your business through Google Maps 

Google My Business The Facts

Lots of Searches

  • The average business is found in 1,009 searches per month, with 84% coming from discovery searches.
  • 49% of businesses receive more than 1,000 views on Google Search results per month
  • 34% of local businesses are seen in more than 1,000 discovery searches per month with 1,260 views each month – 943 on Google Search and 317 on Google Maps
  • Car dealerships receive the most direct searches per month, while hotels have the highest discovery searches
  • Businesses located in the UK see the highest proportion of direct searches per month

Conversion Rates

  • 5% of Google My Business listing views result in a website click, direction request or call

Page Information

  • Local businesses have an average of 11 photos on there GMB

Google My Business Gives Consistency

Updating your business information with Google My Business can be done in a few simple steps. Because Google Search is ranked number 1, you can be sure to provide the updated information to both new and existing customers.

 Getting Started with Google My Business

All in all, Google My Business is a powerful, far-reaching and value enriched platform suitable for just about any business, small or large. Increasing your visibility and making a valuable first impression.

There is no denying that GMB is a must-have tool to add to your marketing tool-kit.

If you need help with the setup or management of your GMB account, contact the Marshmallow team. We can assist you in laun Our services start from as low as £35+vat.

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