In a bid to remove the social pressure around the number of likes a post gets, Instagram has decided to trial hiding likes in several countries, including Australia, Canada and Ireland.

Mia Garlick, Facebook Australia and New Zealand director of policy, stated. “We hope this test will remove the pressure of how many likes a post will receive, so you can focus on sharing the things you love.”

Businesses that participate in social media treat likes as a way of measuring and comparing against their competitors and past post-performance. With the like counter being removed, its time to get back up, shake it off and use it to your advantage.

Take a Peek Behind the Likes

Instagram’s in-app reports allow B2B businesses to see data much more valuable than the traditional likes count. By looking into link clicks, impressions and conversions, you will be armed with a comprehensive tool kit that enables you to create an effective social strategy, that brings true value to your business.

Focus on the Content

With likes slowly becoming a thing of the past, Content will replace popularity as the main source of attention-grabbing.

Developing an Instagram strategy that aligns to your marketing objectives can be a fun experience. Be sure to take full advantage of Instagram’s features such as Live Streaming, Stories, hashtags and more.

A picture speaks a thousand words, an animation speaks a million. Make sure your content is relevant and tells the message that is intended. Random content for content’s sake is a waste of talent and resources, sites like Quora come complete with a search suggestions box, allowing you to find out what’s trending in your industry.

Genuine Interaction

Whether you are commenting on posts in a bid to build a connection or simply aligning your brand values, visibility reigns supreme.

Although you won’t be able to see competitor post likes, they will still be taken in to account in Instagram’s algorithm.

If you’re unsure about where to start taking a look at Instagram’s get started section.

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