The Facebook Algorithm

Facebook’s algorithm chooses when and where a business’s organic posts and ads appear.

Add a Business Page on Facebook

There are countless ways for you and your business to become visible on Facebook, for example; Facebook business pages, public figure pages, location pages and groups. Its always a great idea to familiarise yourself with the features, pros and cons for each option. This will give you a good foundation for decisions that will best suit your business objectives.

Support Your Business With a Personal Profile

According to Facebook’s Terms of Service, signing up to Facebook requires you sign up with a personal account and asks that personal profiles not to be used solely for business. “You will not use your private timeline mainly for your own commercial gain and will use a Facebook Page for such purposes.” However, you can share your business goings-on and such like.

Pros of Using a Personal Profile for Business

After familiarising yourself with Facebook’s Terms of Service, you can start to use your personal profile for your business.

Attracting Facebook likes.

Posting about your business via your personal profile, double checking that you have set your post to public, people who don’t know you can find your business posts.

Lets say you’re posting about your business location or recently attended event, your Facebook friend likes and or comments on your post. Your friends friends see their friends activity. Meaning that people that want to find out more about your business can click the post.

Personalising your Business

Everyone has a story, and using your personal profile to share that story is an awesome way to talk about your business whilst adhering to Facebooks Terms of Service.

Sharing why you started your business, your employees and up coming events. Behind the scenes updates are a great way to get your business out there whilst personalising the whole experience.

Cons of Using your Personal Profile for Business

The main reason you might not want to use your personal profile for business is the risk of violating Facebook’s Terms of Service and having your account blocked or worse removed!

Another reason to note, is your friends and family are not your primary paying customers. To be brutally honest they might care about you and your business but they wont say the same for the constant updates and notifications.

Using your personal profile can limit your reach. Facebook advertising is a marketing giant for businesses. Only using a personal profile to talk about your business means you will only be presented with limited advertising options. For example, you can’t post ads complete with a link to your online shop or blog.

Public Figure Facebook Page

Personal Brands are fast becoming peoples most valuable asset. If people begin to see you as an authority in your chosen field, you can forget about reaching out to new clients, they will find you!

One of the most effective tools for increasing your personal brand following, is with a Facebook public figure page. The main benefits to this include;

· Ability to earn page likes, providing further proof of authority.

· Looks professional

· Run detailed insights on how your page is performing.

· Create and run ads to promote content.

Personal branding derives from expertise in your chosen field, If your not bringing anything to the table, you’re not going to get any engagement.

Using a public figure page for your personal branding effectively requires to be an expert in something. And it is okay if you don’t know everything right now, just make sure you grow into your chosen area of expertise.

through Content

Once you have everything set up, you can start to build up credibility with your content and develop expertise.

Content King and Engagement Queen

Content is King and Engagement is Queen, But The Lady Rules the House.

Shooting a “why” video lets you connect with prospects and customers on a comfortable level. This comfortably is multiplied with personal interactions within the comments section. The idea is that we want the viewers to watch the video in its entirety getting the most out of your target audience, by converting those viewers into prospects.

Video has proven to have a higher engagement level than any other medium. When considering what content to include in your schedule, try video. It has been proven to have 10 times more engagement including; embedding, sharing and commenting on video content than that of blogs and relevant social media posts.

65% of viewers watch over ¾ of video content! That’s a lot more than text based content. This has also proven to have higher retention rates.