Linda’s accountancy has not too long ago experienced a quiet spell in business. The phone went silent and the email enquiries dried up. The return work is not as strong as it used to be.

In the event you’ve ever been in Linda’s position, you’ll comprehend just how horrifying it can be. For business owners that rely on a constant flow of new and returning customers experiencing a lull can feel like the world is going to fold in on itself. But don’t despair, there are several ways to kickstart your business again.

Email Marketing Campaigns

Email Marketing campaigns comes with many advantages along with its affordability and scalability it’s also automated. Guaranteeing Linda by no means misses a beat.

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Creativity & Innovation

Creativity and innovation are vital in delivering relevance and usefulness. Whether it’s creativity of thinking, innovative use of data or the curated content used to engage, If Linda can do this well, she will gather attention and brand loyalty.


Email marketing campaigns return on investment according to the DMA’s marketer email tracker report 2019 for every £1 spent you would make £42 in a B2C environment and B2B reports a collective £36 for every £1 spent. This is an increase of 41% on last year.

Email Marketing Campaigns
Stand alone and supporting

Email is versatile when it comes to campaigns, Linda can do an email only campaign and reap high results or she can integrate with other marketing strategies to support the conversion process.

Social media is a great example of the ways in which it can integrate. You can include the email campaign links direct into your social media streams. Furthermore, you can include CTA’s and share buttons that can increase your social media audience.

Cut Though the Social Noise

Emails campaigns land instantly, which means businesses can start seeing results within minutes of campaigns launching. Campaigns with a sense of urgency associated persuades subscribers to take action. Linda can cut through the noise of social media with a direct to inbox email campaign.

Targeted & Personal

We know that even simple personalised touches like using the customer’s name can have a powerful impact on your open and click through rates. But that’s only the beginning!!

Target by Gender

A great way to ensure relevance is to take into account the gender. By channelling different offers and copy based on gender. This works great in the fashion industry. Always keep in mind your targeting is only as good as your subscriber data. For example, if you knew your subscriber’s hair colour, you can even target based on that!!

Targeted Custom Fields

By using custom fields to incorporate information about your subscriber, Linda has the ability to personalise every aspect of the email. For example, she can greet the subscriber with their first name and mention their company with the email body too.

Targeted Purchase Behaviour

This powerful targeting method targets your subscribers purchase behaviour. By checking where they sit in the buyer’s journey, you can nudge to the next stage by offering a just in time deal that might spark motivation for purchase. For Example, Linda could target her subscribers tax renewal dates.

If this is how Linda can do it, you can do it too.

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